Biometacluster: A Medical Literature Meta Search Engine

The Biometacluster is a meta-search engine made by Vivisimo Velocity. Typing a keyword into the search engine gives results from “Harrison’s Online”, “Pubmed”, “TRIPdatabase” and “MerckManual.” Biometacluster then clusters the search results automatically. The technology uses biomedical and general science knowledge to cross reference information using acronyms, synonyms, variations in spelling as well as associated meanings to help both narrow and broaden search results.

The Biometacluster uses meta-clustering as a way to solve the problem of clustering. This aims to create a new way to interact with data. Meta clustering involves a series of related clusters and lets the user select the cluster that is most useful to them. This essentially offers the user groups of information that may be related to what they seek. Meta clustering involves three fundamental steps. The first step is to generate a number of effectively different base-level clusters. This alone is a difficult step. The next step is to further re-cluster those base-level clusters to further group related clusters together. The last step is to organize them in a way that is presentable to users.

The Biometacluster is powered by Vivisimo. The search engine highlights the flexibility of the Velocity system. Even the demo connects to a number of life science databases as well as pharmaceutical databases. It also connects to a number of websites and journals. It uses the Velocity Search Engine as well as its Content Integrator. Duplicate results are removed automatically. They are then filtered through the Clustering Engine to make it accessible to end-users. These end-users have the ability to save and export clusters. Every source utilized in the Biometacluster is publicly available. Sources that require authentication are respected.

Vivisimo, the people behind the biometacluster, is a company that focuses on optimizing information. The name of the company means “lively” or “clever” in Spanish. The company continually aims to improve business processes and reduce information-related risks. The company constantly aims to deliver innovative information access options to give businesses the opportunity to make additional revenue. The company is all about information optimization.

The Velocity Engine is a solution that quickly seeks and delivers all relevant information. It works through a wide number of formats and can find information wherever it is stored. It has an easy-to-use web console that allows people to access a number of databases, documentation and email. It can sort this information according to authorization limits, making sure that people can only see what they are authorized to see.

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