Biometacluster is a Medical Literature Meta Search

An international Italian company called Vivisimo is a biometacluster medical literature meta search company that uses four different sites for information pertaining to medical literature. When a person ask a question it uses the sites PubMed, TRIPDatabase, MerckManual,and Harrison’s Online to pull together information to use in the search. Biometacluster is connected to legal websites that are scientific. It finds accepted websites like government institutions and government accepted searches.

Biometacluster is a free resourceful and fast way to search the internet for anything that pertains to the medical field. It helps cut down on the time a busy professional has by being so fast and letting them concentrate more time on the more important task. It is remarkable because it is based on information from all over of the world. It works because it allows all medical people in the world to work together to find cures.

Biometacluster can be used by doctors, research people, nurses and even educators. It uses a common search engine for all scientist and research people to connect around the world. It provides medical professionals with the practices of other medical personal around the world making it a useful tool. Biometacluster is so easy that even non medical personnel like patients can use it.

Biometacluster is a way to solve the problem of clustering. It uses meta-clustering and lets users select clusters that are most useful. It then uses the base level clusters to assemble more clusters together that are related. It then organizes everything to be presented to users. The user can export and even save clusters. It is available to the public. Biometacluster can find information wherever it is stored and only lets you see that information that you are authorized to see. It is easy to use and can be accessed through many different databases.

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