Biometacluster is an online medical search engine

Biometacluster is an online medical search engine that provides easy access to all information medical and scientific. Baisically it provides answers to questions having to do with medicine using several very reliable sources. These include: Harrison’s online, PubMed, and the MerckManual &TRIPDatabase. This service works via keyword searches.

A client can search a keyword he or she is interested in and all the sources that appear will have the key word highlighted. This makes for a much simpler search process in which a customer can easily pick out desires sites. Information obtained on biometacluster is a lot of times exclusive to people in the medical field, but it is not always limited to them. For example, although doctors, nurses and other types of physicians are able to get large amounts of information easily and efficiently, biometacluster is also a great tool for patients. Granted, self diagnosis is never recommended, this site allows inquiring patients to gain greater insight into his or her medical condition and follow up on the doctor’s instructions. One of the main topics in science that biometacluster is known for is nanotechnology. This is a new, cutting edge form of science dealing with everything from medicine to energy conservation.

Searching through biometacluster data base will give the most up to date information regarding nanotechnology and all types of sciences, no matter how new. As mentioned before, this includes all research articles, since that is how all of the most recent scientific discoveries are broadcasted to the scientific community. Biometacluster does not underestimate the power of past publications, however. That is why it has articles in its database dating as far back as the early-middle 10th century. All information used, are from legitimate scientific search engines and contain no public opinion. Biometacluster is revolutionary in that it pools all other science search databases into one area and allows a customer to obtain information from all of these sources by simply using one site.

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