Biometacluster: When Information is Needed Now

Biometacluster, an online site that is used to answer specific research questions in the field of medicine by using Harrison’s Online, PubMed, and the MerckManual & TRIPDatabase then reporting back to the questioner what has been found. The service uses a keyword format search so that the specific question doesn’t get lost in side issues and extra verbiage. The important words are highlighted and then searched, after which the relevant information is reported to the person who has requested it. Biometacluster is an efficient and quick way to get important medical questions answered.

Using the biometacluster to answer a vital question is easy and readily available on the web. Biometacluster is convenient and in fact the hardest part of the process is in the formulation of the question so as to get exactly what is needed. The highlighting of the keywords makes even this problem very small. The second part of the process is knowing how to use the information gained on biometacluster, and in fact there is a resource on biometacluster that helps in the management of resources and client information.

Biometacluster, which has available the information stored in Harrison’s Online, PubMed, and MerckManual & TRIPDatabase, is a terrific addition to any medical search engine. This online medical librarian can make those vital but time consuming data searches much more manageable and timely. Medically oriented research is an important part of any modern medical practice and this search engine tool brings the ease and relevance of the internet to the problem.

Anyone who has ever tried to find information on a medical problem knows that the search through all the reference materials on the web can take an inordinately long period of time. With this tool the search time is cut dramatically down to a realistic length that can fit into the medical professional’s crowded schedule.

Time is of the essence for the medical community and having a great source of timely information can be the difference between making a good decision and a questionable one. Sound medical judgement is based on sound information and having that information at one’s fingertips is truly a modern marvel no one can be without.

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