Vivisimo Bio Meta Cluster is an online website that researches your question by searching through information available on PubMed, Harrison’s Online, MerckManual & TRIPDatabase and reporting it to you on your biometacluster page. Your information is presented to you after you type in a question on your biometacluster page following the instant search of those online information portals with your key word highlighted.

Your question will be scanned and all information available in those three information manuals based on any keyword or word clusters in your search question will be relayed to you.

The online reference librarian at your biometacluster of PubMed, Harrison’s Online, MerckManual & TRIPDatabase which is what Vivisimo Velocity website is works quickly to report to you of any information relative to your question or to keywords in your question. The website at biometacluster is medically oriented and seems invaluable to any type of medical research.

Getting a question on biometacluster answered on any subject that would be part of the information stored in PubMed, Harrison’s Online, MerckManual & TRIPDatabase is a valuable service to add to your search engine base. The online medical librarian website is easy to use and the results are brought quickly to you. Imagine the time saving that is possible by getting all information on any of the words in your question found in all of those 4 reference sources quickly and efficiently. The results are what matters in a reference source.

Knowing how to use those results is also important and there is also information on Vivisimo Velocity on management of resources, clients, and information. The website appears to be free since questions are taken and answers given without asking for membership information or for money. The website is convenient and has instant access to PubMed, Harrison’s Online, MerckManual & TRIPDatabase.

You don’t even have to know what type of information is available in those sources. If your question has a keyword found in any of those sources, you will be given the results to use.

Of course, those who would be most likely to use the online reference source would know the specific information collected by those reference sources. Your answer will be as directed and limited or as general and unlimited as your question. Even for a general online writer, getting information on topics using the service is very helpful.

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